India Development & Scheme Expo

India Development & Scheme Expo

India Development & Scheme Expo

India Development & Scheme Expo gives a big platform where the participant from the different ministries gets a golden opportunity to showcase their achievements, innovations, progress, and planning in front of the general public visiting their respective spaces at the exhibition.

It is a very good medium for the different government departments to connect with the public directly and have the direct two-way interaction. The Indian citizens has the right to ask any question to the designated authorities in the respective ministries for the information and better understanding of the development and policies from time to time.

A few India Development & Scheme Expo participants are listed below:
  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Center and State Government
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Power & Energy Conservation
  • Environment and Health Development
  • Handicraft & Handloom
  • Water Resource and Development
  • Women & Child Development
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Various Funded Projects for Development

With the successful organization of the India Development & Scheme Expo millions of the general visitors have been able to gain the valuable information about the different ministries, their achievements, developments, future prospect, innovation in the future, etc. and have added to their personal knowledge bank in the last four years.

On the other hand the various participating ministries have successfully recorded the feedback, suggestions, ideas, and recommendation from the public that has proved to be of the great use in bringing the required improvement in the respective departments in different terms.

There are a several benefits to the numerous ministries of the Indian government by the active involvement of Jangan News Services Pvt. Ltd. All the responsibilities beginning from the exhibition initiation to the end is handled and managed by the expert company members. This exhibition is successfully organized every year by our growing company.

All the designing and creating of stands, banners, distribution material prints, promotion using the different channels like online, print, and electronic media is taken care by Jangan News Services Pvt. Ltd. for the participating exhibitors. Thus, the role of Jangan News Services Pvt. Ltd. in the planning, organizing, and successful management of the India Development & Scheme Expo.

Our Objective

We believe in achieving the highest level of the client contentment by delivering the highly committed events and exhibitions management services worldwide. The entire operational activities are performed under the strict observation of the responsible management to ensure the compliance of the laws.

A set of well-defined objectives are designed for the smooth function of the company activities that primarily includes:

  • To build a floor or platform to bring together the end users and the businesses;
  • To offer customized solution to the different type of the needs at an event, expo or exhibition that includes the designing and creating of captivating stands, stalls, spaces, promotional materials, etc.;
  • To market and promote the upcoming events, expo, trade fairs, and exhibitions in order to witness the maximum visitors;
  • To offer high quality technology based space and marketing materials at the events;
  • To help our valued exhibitors take the right decisions resulting into the maximum benefits within the budget;
  • To offer the best services at the lowest cost;

To ensure client satisfaction with professional, dependable, and beyond the expectation services always.

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    29, 30 & 31 August 2024

    Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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